What will the recovery be like?

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A vasectomy reversal is more significant surgery than the vasectomy and you will usually have some modest discomfort. You will need to wear a scrotal support for several weeks afterwards and excessive lifting, straining or intercourse will be prohibited for approximately six weeks following the surgery.

The doctor may prescribe antibiotics, but they are optional and are not always necessary as it is rare that infection develops. If pain occurs, oral analgesics can effectively be prescribed.

Semen analyses should be obtained every 6-8 weeks, until sperm concentration and motility are substantial or until a pregnancy occurs. When concentration and motility of sperm become normal, analyses should still be obtained every 4-5 months to ensure that they remain normal. This type of seminal monitoring assures that there has been no delayed obstruction due to scar tissue formation. (i.e. occurring after the return of sperm). 3-6% of patients may experience obstruction as a complication of the surgery.

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