Is a vasectomy reversal right for me?

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Men have a variety of reasons for seeking a reversal of their vasectomy. Changing life circumstances with the same or a different partner is the most common. For some men, religious beliefs or relieving scrotal pain play a role in making the decision.

In most cases a vasectomy reversal is the best available first option for a couple interested in having a child after the man has undergone a vasectomy. It is the most natural, least invasive and cost effective method of producing a pregnancy. If successful, the manís sperm may be of adequate quantity to allow for natural conception. If this does not occur there may be adequate sperm for the ejaculate to be processed and placed inside the womanís uterus (Intrauterine Insemination or IUI). This may be done without the woman taking fertility medications (either by mouth or injection). The alternative to vasectomy reversal is sperm retrieval combined with invitro fertilization. This is more invasive, expensive, and the woman must undergo this process each time a conception is attempted.

There are, however, certain situations where a vasectomy reversal is not the clearly preferred method of producing a pregnancy. A woman who would need IVF in any event (e.g., her tubes are completely blocked) would be a typical example of a patient for whom another avenue would be appropriate. Another example would be an older woman who is nearing the end of her reproductive life cycle and may not want to wait the four months to a year it may take for the sperm to come through to the ejaculate after a vasectomy reversal.

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