Should I simultaneously bank sperm?

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Often patients will choose to bank sperm. If, over the course of the next year, they find that the vasectomy reversal was not successful, the banked sperm can be used for IVF. That is, the banked sperm can be injected directly into eggs which are harvested from the partner; the male partner does not have to undergo an additional procedure at that time to procure sperm. As banking sperm can be fairly expensive you will need to decide in advance of your procedure whether or not you want your sperm banked.

If you do decide to have your sperm banked, your surgeon will evaluate your sperm during the surgery and decide if the sperm can be banked. If so, he will decide from what exact location he has the best chance of harvesting viable sperm.. For example, if the surgeon finds motile sperm during a vasovasostomy, then it can be banked and used directly for the IVF. If there are no motile sperm, then a testicular biopsy may also be performed simultaneously to obtain sperm for potential later use.

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