I've already had one unsuccessful vasectomy reversal. Is it worth considering another?

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Some patients may have had an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal and still may be potential candidates for another vasectomy reversal. Sometimes the first vasectomy reversal is unsuccessful because the connection, “vas to vas”, was not made appropriately or because microsurgical techniques were not applied correctly, or as well as they should have been. Patients who are candidates for a second reversal procedure are those who have high quality fluid (in sperm count or color) somewhere in the vas or epididymis and those whose surgery was very close to the head of the epididymis. In these cases, when the process is repeated, the rate of conception is still considered high enough for a patient to seriously consider undergoing a second procedure.

However, some patients may not be good candidates for a second reversal attempt. The second time the procedure is attempted may be more difficult because there is more scar tissue after the first operation. Also, there is less vas left on the urethral side and the connection must also be made closer to the testes on either the vas or the epididymis. Re-operating is not always possible and depends on the level where the initial reconnection was made and how much scar tissue can be anticipated.

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